Trillian Astra Build 116 Download

Tabbed Chat [Improved to be better in Trillian Astra Build 116]

Reduce desktop clutter by grouping message windows together with a simple drag and drop. Tabs show the status, avatar, and recently-received messages from each window, and support standard keyboard shortcuts to change between them.
Status at a Glance [New in Trillian Astra Build 116]

The name, avatar, online status and status message of a contact always appear at the top of the message window. Astra windows can also display the widgets from a user`s Trillian Mini.
Instant Lookup

Know exactly what your contacts are talking about with the automatic Wikipedia integration of Trillian`s Instant Lookup feature! Common encyclopedia terms are automatically underlined for your later viewing pleasure via a simple mouseover tooltip.
Instant Knowledge Bar [New in Trillian Astra Build 116]

Directly integrate your favorite RSS feeds within the message window, with a special emphasis on news clippings relevant to your conversation!

Remind yourself of what you last spoke about with someone by seeing the last few lines of a previous conversation.
Chat Views [New in Trillian Astra Build 116]

Put the fun back into function with an optimized bubble view, built for intelligent space usage and increased legibility. Handsome and crisp playscript view reads like a dialog out of your favorite play!

Chapters and Timestamps [New in Trillian Astra Build 116]

Chapter markers such as “Since you last left…” or “5 minutes ago” help you grasp a sense of elapsed time during a conversation.
Functions at a Glance [New in Trillian Astra Build 116]

The bottom toolbar design consolidates all available Trillian activities in one place. Icons will glow when typing indicators are received.
Font Styles
[New in Trillian Astra Build 116]

Format your text easily with preset font styles. Highlight important text quickly, or even send computer code in fixed width fonts.
Emoticons! [Improved to be better in Trillian Astra Build 116]