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pCloud Drive is a software developed by the pCloud Team which provides the user access to cloud services and also gives them free storage of around 10GB storage. You can access this storage space from multiple devices. The storing process is easy, and you can get the free space just for signing up on the platforms and using it. The software enables you to use the cloud storage as if it was in your own hard drive; just space is not occupied. You can even use the space to develop a project without any actual space taken in your HDD. pCloud Drive also gives you the option to crypt various files so that you are the only one who has access; the name of the feature is pCloud Crypto. The software’s smartphone version has an automatic video and audio backing up option.

The specific number of folders or files does not matter to the software or the cloud; you can make as many as you prefer, and all of them will always be at your fingertips. This access to cloud storage can be gained through the mobile device, desktop application, or web browser. You can also share your files with people without giving them full access to your cloud, and for collaboration purposes, you can also use multiple file-sharing options. The cloud also takes a log of your recent visits and actions, which can be deleted as per the user’s preference.


  1. A search option is available in the software, and it is a part of the software or web applications. The software searches are simple; just enter the name of the folder or file you’re looking for, and search box will find it for you in moments.
  2. You can also use filters while searching, and the filter also supports extensions, which means you would never land a wrong hit even if the only difference between two files is just their extension.
  3. The software has trash, which acts like Recycle Bin in Windows, it keeps deleted files for a specific time, and this time depends on your plan or the subscription for which you’re using the software.
  4. pCloud Drive also comes with the option to invite people to the file in a folder through various means, and these means include by a link you can share individual files or even folders with the link. The software also uses a special collaboration method where your friends, family, or colleagues can sign up, and then you can give them permissions for your storage.
  5. The software also has a specific public folder that creates a direct link to the file or folder; this link will direct anyone straight to the file or folder to which it belongs without any additional steps.

How to download pCloud Drive for your PC?

  • 1. To download pCloud Drive for your PC, click on the download button given on the top-right corner of the page. The download will start instantly, and you can start the installation when it is done by clicking on it.
  • 2. The first screen will be a welcome note from the creators; click on Next to go to the next screen of the setup wizard, here you will be asked for the EULA or the End User’s License Agreement, where you need to click I Agree to continue with the process of installation.
  • 3. Now the next screen will e is shown here; you will be asked for the location where you want to save the pCloud Drive’s installation files for the software. Click on the address bar to enter the location or continue with the current location.
  • 4. Now the final installation of pCloud Drive will take place, and you have to click on Finish the setup once the installation is complete. Now you’re ready to use pCloud Drive.


  • User-friendly app
  • Data vault
  • Easy access and usage
  • Collaborating option available


  • The extra cost for Crypto and EFH (Extended File History)

App Name: pCloud Drive

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V3.9.11

Latest Update: 2021-02-19

Developer: pCloud Team

User Rating: 3.44

Category: Compression and Backup

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