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When you are running a business, it’s essential to have a proper database. A database helps you to monitor many business-related activities such as information about sales, products, defects, and many more. Maintaining a good database can help you in many ways to boost your business. You can analyse the data stored in the database, which can help you make correct decisions for your business to increase your profit. Therefore the database software that you use should be easy to use and maintain. One such effective and easy to use database application is MySQL database.

MySQL database is a product of Oracle, which is the most widely used database in business organisations. This database is an open-source Relational Database Management System which works on Structured Query Language. MySQL database stores data in a table format which keeps your data organised, and with the help of the queries like insert, update, delete, and many others, you can modify these database tables. This software was initially released on 23trd May 1995, but today this database provides many new company functions such as ACID transactions for the development of efficient and stable business-critical applications. Maintenance of this data is effortless you can delete the data from the database table, or you can delete an entire table with simple MySQL commands.

Features of MySQL

  1. High Performance-  This database provides a unique architecture for storage engines enables experienced database administrators to configure the database server specifically for native applications, with a beautiful result.
  2. Robust support for transactions-  MySQL provides one of the most effective database transactional engines. The capabilities include maximum support forACID (atomic, consistent, isolated, durable) transaction, infinite locking at the row level, and much more.
  3. Robust Data Protection- This database provides many features that ensures complete protection of the data stored in the database.
  4. Quick Setup- The software provides outstanding quick-start capability with less than fifteen minutes on average from software download to installation.
  5. Open Source- This database base is open-source software, which means it is free to use.

How to download MySQL Database on Windows?

  • 1- Just click on the download button and select a location where you want to download the file. 
  • 2- After the download finishes, open the MySQL folder and extract the content from it.
  • 3-  Now open the MySQL folder and double click on the MySQL setup file, and select a setup type.
  • 4- Now create an account and set up your password and click on next, now an installation window appears, now agree to License Agreement and select a location for installation.
  • 5- It will take a few minutes to install MySQL database, Click on Finish button after installation.


  • Easy to download, install and use.
  • Easily create and maintain your database.
  • Lightweight and powerful database with few security features.


  • MySQL database is not run by a community it’s Oracle-owned.

App Name: MySQL (64-bit)

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP64 / Vista64 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Latest Update: 2020-12-04

Developer: Oracle

User Rating: 4.2

Category: Developer Tools

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