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iSpy is said to the most popular video surveillance program, with open source codes. The software is compatible with a large variety of IP cameras and using webcams and boasts of having over 2 Million users worldwide. The software is said to be compatible with the largest number of security cameras amongst the software available in the market. iSpy 64 bit has the best use for small-scaled business security. Still, it can also be used for other jobs and functions, like a neighborhood watch, nanny-watching infants, detection in changing lighting and audio conditions in the environment, and facial recognition, which set it apart from many of its competitors. Working with iSpy is very easy and straightforward; you need an IP camera or a webcam connected to your network or computer.

The software can handle the security and other monitoring tasks efficiently with a vast number of functions like you can specify a threshold amount of movement that would trigger the recording. The software can also function in manual recording or always recording modes and supports remote access or scheduling (but only with an iSpy Connect subscription).


Devices and cameras
iSpy comes with support for more devices than any other software in the market; the camera or microphone can be of any type of ONVIF devices, USB cameras, IP cameras, and many more. The software has no limit to the number of devices like cameras you want to add, and it also comes with audio support so that you can also connect to audio devices.

The software supports recording in several formats like GPU, RAW, MP4, and VP8/9. The agent will save the video coming from your camera whenever it is possible to minimize CPU usage.

Connected sensors
iSpy comes with several spying and detecting features, from basic motion-detecting to tip wires, object tracking, and object recognition. For all these tasks, the software has AI integrated with it to avoid the maximum number of false positives.

In case of emergencies or any other such chaotic situation, the software will send you a notification or alert; this alert is fully customizable. You can decide the mode where you want to receive the warning; it can be SMS, an email, push notification, desktop alerts, calling a URL, notifying an MQTT endpoint, and many more; the options are endless.

The software is capable of integrating your cameras and webcams with the Home Assistant and IFTTT that you may have at home or any other place. You can even setup actions and triggers from the most popular platforms around the world for the IoT or Internet of Things.

Access Remotely
The software comes with the Remote Access function, which allows it to provide an even greater amount of privacy and security. iSpy uses custom technology to avoid the requirement of switching on ports of your router to have remote access capabilities. Instead, with iSpy, you can access from anywhere without any router configuration over the SSL. The software even works if there is a strict firewall or a mobile network.

How to download iSpy on PC (Windows)?

  • 1. Click the download button given on the top-right corner of the screen to download the setup of iSpy.
  • 2. Once the setup is downloaded, click on it to run the installation process of iSpy.
  • 3. The wizard will ask for End Users Agreement, click on I Agree to continue the installation.
  • 4. After the installation is finished, you're ready to monitor your business or home and its surroundings.


  • Free of cost software
  • Many customization options available
  • Very effective


  • Heavy on the hard disk
  • Complex interface
  • Requires login or sign-up for most features

App Name: iSpy (64-bit)

License: Open Source

OS: Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Latest Update: 2020-12-07

Developer: DeveloperInABox

User Rating: 3.43

Category: Firewalls and Security

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