Gigabyte App Center

Version: 20.0219.1   Filesize: 51.6MB

  • Freeware
  • In English
  • Scanned
  • 3.87

Looking for an easy way to coordinate all your Gigabyte hardware and software, then the Gigabyte App Center is the software for you. Gigabyte app center contains a lot of Gigabyte apps. It allows you to launch all Gigabyte apps from one single location. It tells you if you have received any new updates, any new drivers and more. It centralizes the whole process and makes it very easy to control all gigabyte apps.

What is Gigabyte?
Gigabyte is a Taiwanese company that makes hardware products like graphics cards, processors, and more. It competes for this market with other industry staples like AMD, Intel, and NVIDIA. Gigabyte App Center also allows you to control all the hardware from the app.

Main features of Gigabyte App Center

  1. User Interface (UI) – Gigabyte App Center has a nice looking and smooth User Interface (UI)
  2. Ease of Use – This app is very easy to use and to get around, even for a complete beginner.
  3. Centralization – Since all the updates, apps, drivers, and hardware can be controlled from here, it makes life much easier by reducing your workload.
  4. BIOS (Basic Input Output System) – It allows you to change your BIOS settings from the app. 
  5. CPU – The app allows you to overclock your CPU. It also helps you boost your CPU performance.
  6. About your system – You can access all the information you need about your system from here.
  7. Fans – It allows you to switch between four different fan modes. You can also manually adjust and synchronize the fans via this app.
  8. Fast Boot feature – This reduces OS boot time.
  9. Themes- You can change the theme of the app.
  10. Scheduled Updates – The app allows you to schedule your updates.

How to use the app?
Once the app has been downloaded, click on the icon to open it. Once it's open, you can access different things. Click on BIOS for BIOS related actions and click on live update if you want to see what all apps have updates.

How to get the Program?

  • 1. Click on download button to download Gigabyte App Center provided on top right corner. 
  • 2. Open the installer.
  • 3. Follow the installation process and click on confirm to finish setting up.
  • 4. Simply click on the app icon to open it.


  • Easy to use User Interface (UI)
  • You can overclock your CPU
  • You can change your BIOS setting
  • You can change the fan speed
  • You can change the theme of the software


  • The software can feel overcrowded
  • It can sometimes install bloatware
  • Extremely poor customer service
  • Certain apps just do not work

App Name: Gigabyte App Center

License: Freeware

OS: Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V20.0219.1

Latest Update: 2020-11-25

Developer: Gigabyte Technology

User Rating: 3.87

Category: Drivers and Mobile Phones

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