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Version: 8.0.3385.0   Filesize: 106MB

  • Open Source
  • In English
  • Scanned
  • 3.3

Are you tired of the same old email clients with the same old boring features? Looking to switch over to a new email client that is filled to the brim with features? Well then, look no further, as eM Client is the perfect software for you to use. eM Client is a new and amazing email client that was designed, keeping in mind the needs of most of the everyday users. eM Client integrates many features like email, instant messaging, calendar, and more into one simple and easy to use program that can be used either on Windows or Mac OS. eM client helps you in migrating from another client with its import feature, which quickly and efficiently transfers all the necessary data to the eM client. eM client is also compatible with many email services like Gmail, Outlook, and Yahoo Mail.

Main Features of eM Client 

  1. User Interface (U.I.) – eM client has an incredibly well-designed user interface (U.I.) that is simple and efficient to use. The eM client also helps in increasing productivity with its amazing design that shows you all the necessary features.
  2. Themes – eM client also allows you to pick from a multitude of different themes. eM Client also allows you to customize your theme so that your email carries the same flair as you do.
  3. Calendar – eM Client has a calendar feature that allows you to mark important dates and lets you keep a reminder for the different tasks that you need to do in a day.
  4. Instant Messaging – eM Client also has an instant messaging feature that also works with Google, Facebook, and many other sites.
  5. Encryption – eM client also encrypts your data, making it secure from prying eyes.
  6. Table Editor – eM client comes with a table editor that can be convenient when working with tables.
  7. Images editor – eM client allows you to resize, flip, and rotate the images you want to send.
  8. Import feature – eM client has an import feature that allows you to import data from your previous email clients quickly without any issues.
  9. eM client is also compatible with just about any email service available.

How to use eM Client?
After eM Client has been downloaded, click on the app icon to open it. The top part of the eM Client interface has the toolbar with the File, Edit, View, Actions, Instant Messaging, Tools, and help options. The central part of the screen has the eM client work area. The left-hand side of the eM Client user interface allows you to switch between the Mail, Calendar, Tasks, and Contacts tabs.

How to get eM Client?
You can get eM Client by following the steps given below – 

  • 1. Click on the download button to start installing EM Client.
  • 2. Download and open the EM Client installer.
  • 3. Read the EM Client ToS (Terms of Service) and agree to it.
  • 4. Read the EM Client License agreement and click on agree.
  • 5. Select the destination folder for EM Client and wait for it to install.
  • 6. You can now use EM Client anytime you want.


  • Easy to use.
  • Import data from other clients.
  • Image and table editors.
  • Compatible with other email services.


  • The Web browser version has issues.

App Name: eM Client

License: Open Source

OS: Windows Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V8.0.3385.0

Latest Update: 2020-12-09

Developer: eM Client Inc.

User Rating: 3.3

Category: Messaging and Chat

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