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Gaming is an activity which gives lots of fun and enjoyment. If you are a person who loves to play multiplayer games, then there are many such games available. One such multiplayer action game is Dota 2 developed by Valve Corporation which is a multiplayer online battle arena, the sequel of Defense of the Ancient (Dota0. The gameplay of Dota 2 is quite simple, two teams with five players each compete against each other to destroy the “Ancient” which a large structure guarded by the opposite team. You have to defend your own ancient and at the same time destroy the opposing team’s ancient.  

Dota 2 becomes one of the most rewarding and tense team-based multiplayer experiences available. What makes it stand out from the crowd is its uncompromising depth a ridiculously generous free-to-play model, and the great features valve has built up around it. Pick any of these fillers this is free to play in the most sincere way possible. There are of over 100 of characters are available including the cast, from the moment you complete the tutorial. All the player control a specific character which is called “heroes”, each hero has its unique strength and weaknesses. Both heroes and abilities have distinct and impressive art and audio direction that makes even the chaos of a ten-player team fight. Dota 2 improves on the original data, everything surrounding the finely balanced gameplay from the matchmaking and special holiday events and tools that allows you to easily view and even participate in the professional gaming and tournaments. Dota 2 has earned its reputation for a prickly community valve has made leaps and bounds in curbing the aggression of overly competitive players. For example, everyone has a matchmaking rank, but by making it, the private valve has prevented players from researching their teammates for abuse or bailing out of the game because someone on his team isn't good enough.

Features of Dota 2

  1. Interface and Design-  You can see exquisite creatures' and players' special effects and animation. Since Icefrog Age, the map has not changed much. Fiction style of the games lets you experience the game and all the emotional strength.
  2. Exciting- With the fantastic gameplay and this games offers you over hundreds of characters to learn and master; you will never get bored of this game.
  3. Esports- Dota is one of the most played and watched eSports game, there are many tournaments organised for this game with a fantastic prize pool.
  4. Excellent Gaming Experience-  This is not just a simple action game with an objective, to destroy the opposing team’s ancient you have to create and play with a strategy. This game gives a fantastic gaming experience.

How to download Dota 2 on Windows?

  • 1- Just click on the download button and select a location where you want to download the file. 
  • 2- After the download finishes, open the Dota 2 and extract the content from it.
  • 3-  Now open the Dota 2 folder and double click on the Dota 2 setup file.
  • 4- Now an installation window appears, now agree to License Agreement and select a location for installation.
  • 5- It will take a few minutes to install Dota 2, Click on Finish button after installation.


  • Over 100 characters to learn and master in the game.
  • Fantastic and straightforward gameplay.
  • Many esports competition and tournaments organised.


  • To download this game, you first have to download Steam.

App Name: Dota 2

License: Open Source

OS: Windows 7 / Windows 7 64 / Windows 8 / Windows 8 64 / Windows 10 / Windows 10 64

Latest Version: V1.0.0

Latest Update: 2020-12-04

Developer: Valve Corporation

User Rating: 4.29

Category: Games

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