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Cmder is a windows console emulator, or it is a software that provides videogame console emulation on a PC or laptop. The software is also able to provide terminal emulation of the windows command prompt for the users who love to use their keyboard. Emulators such as Cmder go with several names like terminal windows, text terminals or command-line shells. These emulators that are present by default on the PC have little to no graphic support, and this is where Cmder comes in. with its graphical input, it looks more pleasing and attracts more command-line users. These terminal emulators can also be used for local computers or remote computers, through particular types of services like Telnet, SSH or dial-up.

Samuel Vasko and his team developed Cmder. Even though there are always newer software and hardware developing in the market, even then the software helps you to access older software programs, this makes Cmder a necessary terminal emulator. The software also utilizes ConEmu, which was developed as a partner Far Manager. Cmder is different because of its vibrant colour scheme, keyboard shortcuts, and lots of enhancements. 


  1. Rather than the software, it is more like a software package—the package which comes with tabs for Command-line, Console, Macro and DosBox. 
  2. The software is easier to use than as compared to using something like Git Bash for all the command-line processes.
  3. The software is capable of handling many unique things like UNIX commands and also commands like, mv, cat, cp, Is, grep and many more.
  4. The software uses several aliases for a more effortless operation like “.e” stands for Windows Explorer, and by typing this command, you will see an Explorer window open up.
  5. Cmder comes with some unique commands such as the copy and paste command, which is not supported by many of its type that is in the market; it follows the command by ^C and ^V for copy and paste respectively.
  6. The software doesn’t stand out that much from its competitors but is a top performer if compared to them.
  7. The software comes with the option for auto-updates for the best performance results, and therefore the option should be kept on.

How to download Cmder for PC (Windows)?

  • 1. To download Cmder for windows, click on the download button given on the page.
  • 2. After clicking your ZIP folder will start downloading.
  • 3. Once the ZIP folder for Cmder is downloaded, extract it.
  • 4.In the extracted files, if you want to run your file, put your file in the bin folder, and the file will automatically be injected in your path.
  • 5. Run Cmder by clicking on Cmder.exe given in the folder.


  • Ideal software if you are already a member of Git
  • Excellent command-line tool
  • Suitable for people who like working with the command line and VSC


  • Difficult to understand for beginners
  • Bad quality user manual
  • No software explanation on the official website

App Name: Cmder

License: Open Source

OS: Windows XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 10

Latest Version: V1.3.16

Latest Update: 2020-12-19

Developer: Samuel Vasko

User Rating: 3.88

Category: Developer Tools

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