Geeni app for PC – Windows 10,8,7

Have you always wanted an easy solution for managing all your home appliances?

If so, then you have to check out the Geeni Android app that has been designed and developed by Merkury Innovations. This free Android application allows you to control your smart home devices from your mobile phone. With this app, you can easily connect and control multiple home devices from anywhere in the world.

And guess what? You can do all this from your PC now too! Yes, that’s right. You can download the Geeni app on your PC so that you can control your home devices whenever and from wherever you want.

In this article, I will be covering the Geeni application in detail and help you out with the detailed steps for downloading this app on your PC too.

Features of Geeni App

As mentioned above, the Geeni application gives you full control over your smart home devices from wherever you want. This application is compatible with a lot of smart home devices such as TVs, fans, bulbs, and so on.

So, with the Geeni app, you can easily turn on/off the devices, control the intensity of the bulb or the color, increase or decrease the fan speed, and so on. Take a look at the below amazing features of this application that make this one of the best apps to control Geeni-enabled home devices.

Easy to Control

One of the best things about the Geeni app is that it is extremely easy to use to control your home devices. The app controls are simple and intuitive and work according to what you want. So, with a single click, you can change the bulb intensity setting, change the color of the LED bulb, turn on or off a device, and so on.

Group Multiple Devices

Another amazing feature of the Geeni application is that it allows you to group together a few devices and control them together. So, you can group your living room or bedroom appliances together so that you can control them at the same time.

This feature comes really handy when you need to turn on all the appliances together when no one is in the room to save energy.

Automate your Actions

With the Geeni application, you can even automate the actions of your home devices so that you don’t have to open your app for routine tasks as well. So, if you turn on or off a few devices around a particular time every day, you can simply set up an automatic function for that. This way, Geeni will automatically turn on/off those devices when it is time.

This feature is really useful for turning on the lights in the evening or turning off all the devices when you are leaving for work every day.

Track your Energy Usage

One great thing about the Geeni app is that it not only allows you to remotely control the home devices but even provides you the usage statistics for each of these devices. So, you can use the Geeni application to track the energy consumed by the devices that are connected to this app.

This way, you can easily monitor your devices and turn them on/off, depending on the energy consumption.

Share your Account

Finally, you also have the option to share the control of a few home devices with your family, friends, or roommates. You can simply set up the Geeni app on all your devices and then set the devices that will be controlled by others as well.

Installation Requirements for Geeni App

As mentioned earlier, Geeni is an Android application. So, if you wish to run it on your local PC then you need to download an Android emulator on your PC.

You have a lot of emulators in the market such as MEmu, BlueStacks, NOX, etc. However, make sure that you meet the system requirements for installing your chosen Android emulator before you download it. For our post, we will be using BlueStacks, and here are the system requirements that you will need to meet to install this Android emulator:

  • Operating System ­– Windows 7 or higher
  • Processor – AMD or Intel processor
  • RAM – 2 GB minimum
  • Hard Disk Space – 5 GB available storage space
  • Updated Graphics Drivers
  • You need to be an administrator of your PC

How to Download and Install Geeni App on your PC

It is quite easy and straightforward to install Geeni app on your PC, you just need to download and install an Android emulator first.

You can follow the below steps to get the Geeni app on your PC.

Step 1: Download Android Emulator on your PC

To install the Geeni app on your PC, you need to download an Android emulator on your PC first. We are using BlueStacks for this post as it is free and offers an intuitive user interface, follow the below steps to get started:

  1. Head to the official website of Bluestacks at to download the installation file.
  2. Then, click on the ‘Download Bluestacks’ button to start the download and wait for it to get completed.

Step 2: Install and Launch the Android Emulator on your PC

After the download is complete, follow these steps to get the Android emulator installed and ready to use on your PC.

  1. Go to the Downloads folder and then double-click on the .exe installation file to start the installation wizard.
  2. Follow the steps as shown on the screen and complete the installation process.
  3. Launch the Android emulator now and sign-in to your Google Play account.

Step 3: Install Geeni on the Android Emulator

Now, your Android emulator is set-up and ready to be used to install the Geeni app on your PC.

  1. Go to the Search bar in the Google Play Store and then search for ‘Geeni’ application.
  2. Wait for all the related results to get displayed and then click on the ‘Install’ button next to the Geeni application.
  3. Wait for the installation to get complete and then go to the Home tab of the Android emulator. You will see the Geeni app showing on the home page and you can open the app to start using it on your PC.