Download mp3DirectCut for PC – Windows 7/8/10

Mp3DirectCut is one of the best audio editors and also recorder for encoded MP3 software out there. Users can easily use this software that wants to cut, crop, or split the MP3 and AAC tracks and many more. The original audio quality can be saved by direct editing which also saves the encoding time.

It also helps in creating MP3 quickly using the inbuilt recorder. The longer duration of audio files can easily be divided into smaller parts with the help of Cue Sheets, Pause Detection, or Auto Cue.

FULL NAME: mp3DirectCut for Windows
REGION English [USA]
DOWNLOADS: 412,100
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This software comes with a lot of useful features which help the user in quick editing of MP3 files these include non-destructive cut, copy, paste, direct data copying, no re-encoding, volume change, fading, normalizing for MP3, MP3 recording/encoding with ACM or Lame.

There are also features like fast MPEG visualization and easy navigation, AAC and MP2 support, batch processing, Cue Sheet support, Pause detection, Autocue by time values, track splitting with the filename, and tag creation, Trim, Crop, Fast play, Loop play, etc.

What is mp3DirectCut?

Editing and audio data generation can be done with the help of a software called the mp3DirectCut. The implementation of this software is dependent upon the user itself as it can be used completely or partly as a library. These softwares can easily be used for editing music and for applying effects and adjust the sound quality and all.

A DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) comprises of different software applications, which are usually done with the help of different distinct libraries for GUI widgets. DAW is used for production, music, radio, speech, sound effect, and podcasts.

mp3directcut mp3directcut

DAW usually requires four components a PC, a sound card, an editing software specifically designed for audio, and at least an input device for data modification and addition of data. 

List of Features of Mp3DirectCut

  • Pause Detection:- This function is quite helpful for users for the setting of cues. The settings are quite sensitive so must be handled carefully otherwise might end up in different results. 
  • Prelisten and Save:- The normal play is provided as prelisten, in which every modification made by the user can be played. Save complete audio saves the entire audio file after the changes have been made by the user. Save selection only saves a part of the audio. Save Split function creates a separate file for two cues between a specifically defined range by the user. 
  • Keyboard Shortcuts and Command-Line:- The unique feature of this software being the usage of keyboard shortcuts which makes the use of this software quite simple. There are specific shortcut keys for play, cue, stop, jump to track start or end, and more. There are command lines for save, pause split, autocue, normalize, and more. 
  • Auto Cue:- This feature helps in users in splitting of large tracks into smaller segments. 

Minimum System Requirements for mp3DirectCut

Be sure for the listed below minimum system requirements before going to start the mp3DirectCut Free Download.

  • Operating System: Windows 10 / Windows 8 / Windows 7 / Windows XP
  •  Memory (RAM): 512MB
  • Hard Disk: 50MB
  • Processor: Intel Pentium IV or above

How to Download and Install mp3DirectCut on your PC 

The user needs to download the software from the official site of mp3DirectCut before installing it.

  • The download is quite simple as one needs to search for Download from the official site and click on the Download mp3DirectCut button. As the downloading of the installer finishes click on it to run it. 
  • As you click on the installer it will run. By default, it will install on C Drive. However, this default directory can be changed during the installation process.  
  • Once the installation is complete, click on Finish to exit the installer.

Click on the .exe file either on the Desktop or on the location where you installed the software. After clicking the .exe file, the software will run.