Download Mainstage for PC Windows 10,8,7

Developed by Apple Inc., Mainstage 3 is one of the best music applications for music lovers. This application provides you with the ultimate rig to perform in front of the audience so that you can improve your efficiency.

With a full-screen interface, this music app shows you how it feels to perform in a live band and provides you 80 different toolsets to manage your music. That’s not all, it includes a range of instruments to use such as a guitar, keyboard, drum, and so on. You also have the capability to control all your devices with a MIDI keyboard or a USB port and you can easily run the Mainstage 3 app on your PC for the best experience.

In this article, we have discussed a few amazing features of Mainstage 3 and detailed steps to get it on your PC and start using it.

Features of Mainstage 3 Application

With the Mainstage 3 application, you can easily edit sounds to make them sound like you want them to. Plus, you have to put minimum tweaking efforts to make the music sound good. But the best thing is that you mix together the hardware and software sounds in a single patch for amazing results as well.

Take a look at these features of Mainstage 3 that make it one of the most popular music apps.

Ultimate Live Rig for Playing Music

As mentioned earlier, Mainstage 3 allows you to perform live music by using more than 80 instruments, plugins, effects, and so on. That’s not all, you can even add a few sounds that you edited on Logic Pro X to make your music more stage-friendly.

You will also be able to combine the instruments and vocals in a single patch and can easily switch between the patches for a smooth music session. You can use splits, layers, MIDI plug-ins, etc. to create rich keyboard patches and can even perform with stereo tracks in the Playback mode.

Offer you Hardware Control

Another great feature of Mainstage 3 is that it allows you to connect your favorite instrument to the Mainstage 3 app and then play it and control it with the plugins. You can use several MIDI controllers and USB controllers like keyboards, drum pads, etc. to create music.

With the automatic device recognition feature, all your instruments can be set up and you can assign them the buttons, knobs, etc. to control them.

Amazing Effects

Mainstage 3 also offers you several amazing creative and production effects that can take your music to the next level. With the Space Designed, you can play your sound in different acoustic spaces for more feels. That’s not all, you can also add several modulation effects and use several dynamics and mixing tools to make your music really stand out.

Loads of MIDI and Instrument Plug-ins

One of the major benefits of using Mainstage 3 is that it offers you a wide range of instruments and MIDI plugins to choose from. With 9 MIDI plugins, you can prepare elaborate performances. You can use the Chord trigger for trigging predefined chords when you play a note or use Transposer to conform your music notes to a specific scale.

And with the instrument plugins, you can play a wide range of sampled instruments. You can use Ultrabeat drum machine to make electronic beats, Retro Synth for playing classical 70s and 80s synthesizer sounds, use electric piano, Vintage B3, and a lot more.

Large Sound Library to Use

You also have more than 1800 instruments and patches to choose from to create your music. With 4600 Apple loops and 750 samples instruments, making music with Mainstage 3 can turn out to be a lot of fun.

Installation Requirements for Mainstage 3 Application

Since Mainstage 3 is an Apple-designed application, it is available at Apple Store and Mac Store. So, you can easily install it from the Apple store on your Mac, iPad, iPhone, and so on.

But to install and use Mainstage 3 application on your devices, you need to meet the minimum system requirements such as:

Operating System: Windows Vista, 7, 8.1, 10 or OS X 10.10/ 10.11, macOS 10.12/ 10.13/ 10.14/ 10.15 (For Mac, Intel 64-bit processor)

Hard Disk Space: 6 GB minimum available installation space, Additional 57 GB for installation of the complete Sound Library


Note: You would also need 64-bit Audio units plug-in to use Mainstage on your PC.

How to Download and Install Mainstage 3 Application on your PC

It is quite easy to install and use the Mainstage 3 application on your Mac PC since it is an Apple application. However, that doesn’t mean you cannot install and use this app on your Windows PC too.

Here is what you can do to download this app on your Windows PC and start using it for amazing musical performances.

Download and Install an iOS emulator

You will need to find a good iOS emulator that you can download on your Windows PC since this application is only available on Apple Store and not Windows or Google Play Store.

iPadian is an amazing iOS emulator that offers a lot of amazing applications and keeps adding new applications to the list as well.

Download the iPadian emulator on your Windows PC and then install it on your PC by following the instructions displayed on your screen. Once the iOS emulator is successfully installed on your PC, launch the application so that you can start using this iOS emulator.

Install Mainstage 3 on Windows PC

Once the iOS emulator is running, you need to sign in with your Apple ID and password. After you are successfully signed in, go to the Apple Store on the iPadian emulator and search for the Mainstage 3 application.

Install the application on iPadian and wait for the download process to complete. Once the app is downloaded, you can double-click on it from the home screen and start using it.

Install Mainstage 3 on Mac

To install Mainstage 3 on your Mac PC, you simply need to open the Mac Apple Store and search for the app here. Then, get the Mainstage 3 app on your PC and you will see the app icon for Mainstage 3 on your Mac. You can double-click on it to run this music application on your Mac whenever you want.